Windows Update and the Real Reason IE6 Still Exists!

I think I have stumbled across the real reason (or at least one of many) that IE6 still exists and many people still use it as their primary browser! Unfortunately I have come across this at the cost of my computer, at least for a couple of days at least.

A while ago my computer informed me, via an annoying little popup that Windows Update (or MS update technically) has some updates available for me. I tend to ignore that message for quite a while, and now I remember why. That message itself is a little misleading. It looks like:

Updates are available


This is all well and good but, well, basically it is wrong! I think Microsoft made a mistake here when they wrote the message and so I have decided to recreate it for them:

Updates are available (Updated)

An Updated Version (No pun intended :P )

Or to paraphrase, the Update button should be renamed “Self-Destruct”. That would be a much better way to describe what it will do to your computer. Click below to read more!


[Review]: GoSquared’s LiveStats & Trends

This has been a product that I have been watching for a while now, well since it first came out in fact. GoSquared were one of the first people I ever started following on Twitter, and I’m damn glad I did now! (If any of you are interested they are @GoSquared on Twitter!)

LiveStats - Real-Time Analytics by GoSquared. Watch your Website's Traffic Unfold

GoSquared have created an amazing web application called LiveStats and since it’s release they have also added Trends to this amazing application. In short LiveStats is an analytics web app. Now many of you will think, “Oh. Well I have Google Analytics for that!”. Well you can be forgiven for first of all dismissing the idea because Google Analytics is good, and I do still use it. But that isn’t what LiveStats is truly about! Continue after the break to find out more!


First Couple of Weeks at Uni

Well, it has been a while since the last blog post but not as long as before :P

Just thought I'd write a quick (which could yet become long) blog post about my experiences of the first week of uni! I have just started my first year at Portsmouth University studying Digital Forensics Bsc (Hons). The course looked great in the prospectus, and the rest of the course content that supports the digital forensics work looks great too.

I started last Monday 27th September. The first week was, obviously, Freshers Week. This meant a lot of boring lectures about how the uni works and a few slightly more interesting lectures introducing each section of the course and then came the real fun... Freshers Fayre. This involved lots of freebies, a bar, and even free Domino's pizza :D It was at the Freshers Fayre that I found out about the Mountain Biking Society. For just £45 I could join the society for the year and go out riding with an enthusiastic group of people and even get involved in some Cross Country (XC) racing if I decide I like the look of it. Will let you know more about my experiences with that after my first ride on Wednesday :)

Python Programming

Python Programming

The week just gone was much better than the first week as we actually got down to some proper work. And it was nice and easy to break us in gently! Can't remember the precise order in which everything happened but these are the lectures I had:

  • Introduction to Structured Programming - aka Python
  • Computer Organisation - And no that isn't keeping all your files in well organised folders :P
  • Digital Forensics - Kinda obviously!
  • Web Authoring & Design - Better than I thought it would be actually!
  • Social Aspects of Computing - So we are learning about Facebook... :\

That list wasn't in any particular order I might add. Well apart from Social Aspects of Computing... That definitely comes in last for me but it is only a 1 hour exam which is predominantly multiple choice questions and a couple of short questions done on a computer.

Anyway I don't plan on blogging on for too long this time, I am supposed to be studying after all, so I shall blog again soon :)


What. A. Week!

OK... I have a confession to make - I have been a bit slow on the whole blogging thing. I said I'd blog more and starting from now I shall! I have had this blog partially written for a couple of weeks now and it is about time I got it finished and made way for new ones!! So really this blog is about another week a few weeks ago not the one just gone...

Well... That was quite a week. I think the term I should use would be "a roller coaster of emotions"! There have definitely been ups and downs for sure but also some lessons along the way. So, lets start at the beginning:

The Moon

The Moon by Me on Flickr

On Monday 17th August the weather forecast was set to be good so a couple of mates and myself went down to Manor Farm Country Park and took a load of photos. We didn't have a purpose for these photos, just wanted to get some good ones of the sunset and anything else that may be interesting down there. If you want to know more about the actual photos and the techniques that were used, especially in the night photography shots, then head over to this blog post (which I'll be writing soon and adding the link in soon after :) ). The really elating part of this was getting home and downloading, sorting and editing the photos. Where the photos had no specific purpose the edits could be done to however I wanted which was wonderfully fun as it turns out. This was definitely an up on the rollercoaster of my week!

The photos are now on my Flickr stream here.

Continue after the break if you want to see more about my week, including the drama of results and the dreaded crashing hard drive!


Hello and Welcome…

Hello, this would be the first blog post on my brand new blog. I have tried to blog before but always ran out of time or couldn't think of anything interesting to say and so now I have decided that I shall put more time aside for blog writing and try to be more interesting in general!